International Internet competition of Young Composers «Junior Impreza» 2024

  • General Information

    1. International Internet competition of young composers «Junior Impreza» (hereafter – The Competition) is held under the International festival “Music Imprezas of Ukraine” of Cherkasy city 2024.

    2. The Competition is founded by the Organizing committee of the festival “Music
    Imprezas of Ukraine” and the National Union of Composers of Ukraine.

    3. Composers of all countries who are born later than April 15, 2005 (in some cases –
    2001) can participate in the Competition.

  • About us

    “Music Imprezas of Ukraine” is a festival of academic music. The goal of the festival is to promote Ukrainian professional music culture, namely – the music of Ukrainian composers of different epoques, as well as national modern performing art. The festival is intended to support contemporary academic music and find talented young people among both performers and composers. The festival will take place in Cherkasy in spring and summer 2024.

  • Competition Rules

    The Competition has four nominations:
    1) an instrumental piece for up to three instruments,
    2) a vocal piece for up to three performers,
    3) a folk song arrangement for up to three performers (or three instruments),
    4) a piece in original genre for up to three performers (or three instruments).


    The duration of a music piece cannot be over five minutes. One part of a cycle can be performed as a music piece. Cycle compositions with video recording of up to 5 minutes will also be considered. A participant may submit only one piece of music for one of the nominations according to his or her creative concept.

    It is obligatory to submit a piece that has never participated in any international composer competition, has never been performed in public or recorded and copied by any audio or video means, or has never been available to public access in the Internet.


    Participants shall submit the scores of a piece in PDF format (either in Musical Editor or in good quality handwriting) as well as a video record of this piece performed by the young composer himself/herself (obligatory condition).


    A participant shall submit to the jury at the following documents:

    •  Application form with:
    • 1) a digital copy of the applicant’s Certificate of birth or passport,
    • 2) a portrait JPEG photo,
    • 3) a scores in PDF format,
    • 4) a video record.


    The emails should have a subject “International Internet competition of young composers”. After the procedure you’ll receive a confirmation letter.

    All expenses attributable to organization and holding the Competition are raised as donations:

    250 hr – for participants from Ukraine;

    20$ – for participants from other countries. If desired, participants can receive their
    diplomas by postal service at their own charge or receive a digital diploma.

    All donations are directed to the fund of the international festival “Musical Events of Ukraine” for the implementation of the “Power of Music” project, the purpose of which is to: support the spiritual state of Ukrainian citizens during the war; preserving the musical heritage of Ukraine.

    Account for the donation will be sent to you by e mail after submission of the documents mentioned above. The payment receipt should be signed (participant’s name and surname) and its photo or a scan copy should be sent to the e-mail of the Competition:

    The deadline for application is April 25 2024, 11 p.m.

  • Awards

    The jury’s decision is final and may not be appealed.

    Jury is at liberty not to award all the prizes, to announce the Grand Prize and Special nominations. The participants of the Competition get Winner’s Diploma or Participant’s Diploma within their age group as well as memorable gifts.

    From 2023 the Competition inspires a new special prize – Grand Prix for each age subgroup from young jury members – talented musicians: Maximilian Bello (Toronto, Canada), Timofey Donets (Cherkasy, Ukraine), Yaryna and Petro Romanyuk (Zolochiv, Lviv region, Ukraine).

    An additional competition “The First Impreza” may be held for the winning compositions that will be selected by professional musicians to be performed at the concerts of the International Festival “Music Imprezas of Ukraine”.


    Age groups:

    «Imprezyk» – up to 8 years old;

    «Beginner» – 9-10 years old;

    I&II«Pre-junior» – 11-12, 13-14 years old;

    I&II«Junior» – 15-16, 17-18 years old.

    If desired, the awarded pieces will be presented for public at (Junior Impreza – composition competition) and at the Competition website in Facebook (Junior Impreza Internet composition competition).

    All the participants of “Junior Impreza – 2017” – “Junior Impreza – 2024” will have a possibility to take part in live concerts of the festival, which will be arranged with the organizers in advance.

  • Appendix

    For more details, please, e-mail to

    The names of the winners shall be announced after completion of jury’s work.

    If desired, the winning pieces will be presented for public at and at the Competition website in Facebook.

    The winners shall also be informed by email.

    The results of the Competition shall be officially announced on May 15, 2024



  • We wish you success!